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  • Ability to create decor of the unique form and configuration including openwork, sculptures and florals.
  • Ability to create decor that may be mounted in the strictly controlled positions and orientations.
  • Ability to create unique wall arrangements/groupings with an increased number of components.

  • Eliminates the use of wire along with the associated product liability issues.
  • Provides more freedom in the construction of large / heavy frames and frames made of polystyrene and composite materials.
  • The same hardware is used for both two-point wall attachment and security mounting.

  • Effortless two-point wall attachment at a predetermined position within 1/16â��.
  • Stable, flash against the wall and safe as opposed to hanging with wire.
  • Allows the creation of unique wall decor arrangements.
  • Cuts down the time for security mounting in half.
  • No special training required for security mounting.